Loud grinding noise when moving

Hi guys. I picked up my MK2 on Wednesday and spent Thursday assembling it. I’m at the stage when I just connected the power cables and hooked it up to my computer.

When trying to test the movements, I noticed some weird grinding noise when moving the y axis and x axis.

Do you guys know what’s causing it and what should I adjust before I move forward?

Many thanks.

I’ve put a link to the video

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Welcome to the forum Joe!

My guess is the noise is vibration in the lead screws. I had this sound before
and if I remember right I just tightened the bolts in the backlash nuts a little.
Feel for a small amount of play if you try to move the axis back and forth manually
and tighten till it’s gone. You don’t want to over tighten them because then the
backlash bolts will wear too fast.

Good luck hope this helps. Also I think my machine only made that noise when
going fast maybe your noise is the same.

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That’s exactly what’s happening. I went on to the calibration phase in the assembly process, and it did take away some of the grinding by the end, but it still whines when in rapid mode. I wish there’s something I can do to address it, since rapid mode isn’t really that fast.

Thank you for your input and confirming it’s not an isolated problem. I spent 13 hours today assembling it, and I can finally call it complete.

This is what I was told when I had this problem and I called tec support. I could turn my Y axis lead screws by hand, the backlash nuts were way to loose. What I needed to do was tighten the backlash nuts just to the point where it was hard to turn the y axis lead screws by hand. Took care of the problem.

I’ll give it a go now and report back. Thanks, Mike.