M6 error20 (unsupporded command)

HI, im building a cnc drilling machine with an automatic toolchanger. Im trying to use M6 with grbl but apparently grbl doenst recognise the M6 command. Thats why i tried using gsender. It has a way to handle M6 via the toolchange feature. But when i use the feature and type M6 in the console to test it gives this error: error20 (unsupporded command). I am clearly doing something wrong and dont know how to use the toolchange feature in gsender. Can somebody help me?

kind regards

Hi Tom,

You can find some documentation on how tool changes work here: Additional Features - gSender Docs

Specifically, since GRBL doesn’t support the command, gSender works around it by removing the command when it’s encountered and doing something else depending on the strategy you select for toolpath files and macros. Typing in the console gets around that since it’s not a file or macro which is why you see the error - console just sends whatever you input raw directly to the firmware.

Hopefully the documentation steers you in the right direction.



Is there any way to program to go to different parkingspots when holding different tools? or go get different tools at different locations.

@tomvrijd what you’d be looking to do is to give those tools different fixed spots using gSender’s global variables and have those spots be offsets from the machine coordinate system (in relation to the homing location)