Machine cutting area and footprint Questions

Hi All,

My machine has arrived (very excited) and I am trying to sort out my table top.

I have an existing workbench/island that is ~49" x 33" and I have some left over 3/4" MDF from a project. Looking at the PDF from the kickstarter page it looks like I should be able to get my MDF (42.5" x 60" piece) cut down to a size that encompasses the whole footprint of the machine less the controller. I am thinking of putting the MDF perpincicular to the long edge of the table top so that I can use the extra space on one side (left? does it matter) of the machine footprint to mount the control box (it just won’t be on the MDF, it will mount 3/4" lower to the table top).

I also have in my head that at some point I’d like to try some end grain joinery like I’ve seen done on the hobbycnc subreddit. To achieve that I’ll need some amount (4" - 6"?) of the actual cutting area to be cantilevered out over the edge of the underlying table so that I can vertically clamp work pieces for the end grain joinery work.

I haven’t been able to find the exact cutting area dimensions and whether they are on center on the frame or if the cutting area is offset in one or more directions. Can anyone advise on what they might recommend for the placement of the MDF top I’m going to make to mount the Longmill to (relative to the underlying tabletop dimensions) so I can achieve the 4"-6" of cutting area overhang for potential future joinery work? And still work safely?

The underlying table is an Ikea kitchen island and is quite sturdy so I’m pretty confident in it but I am concerned that the required cantilever may cause stability issues, something I definitely don’t want. On center it would be rock solid, but I don’t believe with an 8" over hang on either end of the table that I would have any/enough access to the cutting area.

Also, can someone advise which access the feet are the ~40.3" across vs the larger width which I think is about 43 5/8"?

Thanks in advance,


PS - I guess I should also ask what the observed Z-axis usable height is as I’ll to deduct the MDF thickness from that to determine the “joinery” usable height in the event the vertical work piece can’t come up through an opening in the spoil board (entirely likely, as that will limit length and isn’t really necessary).

Hey Jeff,

Unless you redo all of the drag chain mounting points, which wouldn’t be terrible, the controller has to be on the left. If have a choice, probably better to leave them as is.

With a 48x48" table there is not much space on any side. In fact, the controller only fits on the table if you raise the whole machine by putting 3/4" blocks under all of the feet. This does give you that much extra height so you can put a 3/4" spoil board on top of the table and still have 4" of travel in the Y. Remember you can get more by adjusting the router in the mount.

I too am looking at end grain work. Rather than hang over the edge, Ill probably slot the table under the spoil board and make a new spoil board because my parts will be small. Your way gives you more things to clamp to, and my table is low so I wouldn’t be able to mount anything very long. I think you can move the mounting feet all the way up to the front of the table.

Good luck. I think lots of people will be interested in seeing how you make out.


This example is serious overkill for our LongMill, but it has some good ideas, I think.