Max length of cut and stiching parts that are too long

I have the longmill 12x30 machine. If I can only cut material 30 inches long, is there a way to ‘stitch’ long items together?

@bubalarry - Yes, it’s called tiling or indexing. What software are you using to layout projects? Plenty of Youtube videos showing how to do it.

thanks for the reply. I checked out some you-tube vids which explain the process. I am using carbide create to layout the tool paths. is there a better programme to do tiling?
PS the videos made by Chris have been a great help.

@bubalarry Glad you found what you needed. I can’t really think any program is better than another. As long as it supports tiling or indexing. You can do it manually but it’s not easy. I would stick with a program that supports it. I don’t know what you researched but to me tiling is breaking up your model into as few segments as possible based on your end material size and available cutting area. Then you cut individual smaller pieces that will fit within your cutting area. Of course you have to combine the multiple pieces into one when through carving. Indexing on the other hand is using a piece of material that fits within the X cutting area but too long for the Y cutting area. Your program should set you up to cut indexing holes in the appropriate locations so you can slide your long material from back to front and align with the indexing holes. This way you still have one piece of material and don’t have to assemble it. I hope the videos you watched explained the difference. Have fun and good luck.