Maybe silly question on MK2 design

I was looking at the detailed construction of the MK2 and wondered why they decided to have the lead screws exposed to the work area. It seems they could have them facing out where they would be less exposed to the dust and shavings in the work area, similar to the openbuilds type construction. It would have made the gantry jut slightly wider I think but just barely. Was it for safety to have the moving parts face in as opposed to out?

Just curious.

Maybe it’s to optimize the workarea. If the leadscrews would face outwards, the X-gantry would have to be longer to have the same workspace. Also the V-wheels would be placed further outwards.
A longer gantry also makes it less sturdy and more costly to produce.

Dust can be kept out by placing a thin coverplate over the leadscrew and using the dust shoe.