Mid carve stopped working

Stopped working mid carve, now won’t connect. When I log into easel after the machine stopped working mid carve, all my motors hum for a few seconds and then stop. They start against few seconds later. If I unplg my usb the him continually. I’m unable to get a connection with UGS or any other software. Any thoughts?

@Atlas Welcome to the group, Atlas. Rather that repeat all the suggestions and advice that is on this forum related to disconnecting, freezing, stalling and “stopped working”, I’ll just respectfully suggest that you do a search on those four terms. You will find lots and lots of information on the process to follow to determine what is causing your stoppages and how to fix them.

Be sure to come back, though, to tell us how you got on and if, after all those solutions, you are stilling having problems.


So i thought it might of been an issue with interference as i moved my power outlet a few inches closer and was using my cell phone during a carve. I did some research and people say to have a powered usb instead of running it from the laptop usb. i ordered one on amazon and it will be here in a day or so. im still not having anyluck connecting with the unit. when i start my laptop and power up the controller everything is silent. when i disconnect the usb all my motors want to run but they ramain still. i can hear all of them locked. when i start easel the motors pulse on and off for a few seconds in between. still nothing moves and no connection. i have searched the internet for a problem like mine and havent found anyones motors turning on and off every few seconds. should i just wait silently for my powered usb and see if the problem persists?

@Atlas While a powered usb hub can’t hurt, it’s not necessary for the proper operation of the Mill. If you are using a laptop on the battery, rather than plugged in, a powered hub will help. The big thing is to make sure that all power saving settings on the laptop are turned off, particularly the power settings for USB ports.

With respect to the motors humming all the time, even with the USB cable disconnected, I have a question. Have you set $1=255? If so, the motors are powered all the time. That may be why they are humming even with the usb cable connected. If you have set $1=255, you may want to turn that off to see if the humming goes away. If you need the motors powered all the time, you can turn it back on.

Hey Grant,. Laptops powered at all times. Usb settings are correct.
I have seen those codes online in the forum’s but have never came across where I would enter or change that data. I first downloaded Arduino, then used UGS, carved my test sheep… Logged into easel and have been carving for a month. So I’m am unfamiliar on where that info resides. I don’t know how to look at the code. And haven’t seen any yet.

@Atlas Since you have not changed $1, it’s not likely that it is set to 255, but it can’t hurt to check. When you first connect to UGS, the console window displays all the $ settings. $1 should be set to 100. If you can’t get UGS to connect to the controller, though, that tidbit is pretty much irrelevant for the moment.

You said that you downloaded arduino. What problem were you trying to address when you did that? The Mill arduino uno is flashed with the Sienci firmware when it is shipped. In normal circumstances, you don’t need to download arduino.