Missing Part and Suggestions for Assembly

V2 machine.

Turns out I’m short two 35mm spacers.

Coupler Problems. One was too small to accept a lead screw. Another had a small blockage not allowing a lead screw to insert all the way. I fixed both by the use of a cordless drill and some sand paper.

Inserting a washer between the coupler and the flanged bearing is not so intuitive. I removed the motor, inserted the washer and attached the coupler and then reinstalled the motor.

Tomorrow I’m off to the local hardware store. Wish me luck.

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Here in Idaho Falls we have Home Depot, Lowes, two Ace Hardware and one Truevalue. None had metric aluminum spacers so I opted for 1 inch spacers and I’ll have to take a hack saw two a couple. $5 later.

Maybe update the manual with the correct parts in the photos. Mainly the Z axis.

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