Missing parts on arrival

Upon opening box there was one smaller box that was empty. I thought it was there for packing to keep the rest of the smaller boxes in place.

But when I started assembly there are parts missing. There is no BOM so I do not know exactly what is missing, except the parts on the step I was working on (Z gantry). So I know what is missing for this step but not if there are parts missing further down the assembly process.

1- there has to an up to date BOM either shipped with the package or available online

2- If you have received your box open it right away and verify all the parts are there.

Dont wait until Saturday morning like I did and waste a whole weekend you had put aside for assembly. And the wasted Monday I booked off work.

I found the gantry piece jammed tight in the x tube. Got it out and continuing to build.

So problem was mostly operator error, probably not the last!

@Ryecon I’m glad that you can move on, Andrew.

I’m closing this thread since the issue has resolved itself.