Mofidying the LongBoard for a real E-Stop?

The included emergency stop button is just a power switch and does not throw an alarm in Universal GCode Sender like the “STOP” button does. This is a problem for me that I am realizing as I am wiring up my VFD controls for my spindle motor (better guide come for that soon when I figure out all the kinks).

Is it supposed to throw a code when the power off happens? Or will I need to tear down the board and wire the button to the STOP button myself?


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As you mentioned the E-stop cuts power to the machine, so it doesn’t send any g-code like the stop button on a g-code sender. Currently, the stop button on the control board does send the stop g-code, however it only stops the machine.

What you can do is use the small stop button on the control board and program in the M4/M5 commands on gSender. You can go the the settings, then to “start/stop g-code” to put in the commands. This means that when you run a job, the spindle can automatically turn on, and if you press the stop button on gSender OR on your control board, the spindle can automatically turn off.

I see. This is not exactly what I am looking for. I would like to have the traditional E-Stop button perform this function and be able to be wired to a different location. I’d say this would be a worthwhile improvement to the model to have the E-Stop button wired to a port an optional screw terminal so that this can be possible. My controller is mounted in a cabinet and I have a control panel design I was wanting to make for my CNC setup including a hand wheel for jogging and such.