Movement issues, randomly off

Iā€™m having several issues: 1) consistency recently stopped. I created a 15.75" square with equally spaced circles. Most are created as actual circles. Some are out of round. It seems like the bit is entering at the wrong spot. It seems to happen randomly. That is, on a board with 60 circles, 1/3 are messed up and randomly spaced.

  1. My circles are equally spaced, but on two different jobs, the router failed to go to the next location. Instead, it moved about 1/2" instead of 2", and started the next circle. I stopped and restarted the job and it went to all the right places. I had to do this on two different pieces.

  2. My auto-zero plate has been having random issues. Sometimes when zeroing XYZ, it randomly jams the bit into the plate. I have to raise Z access to get it out.

Thoughts? Gsender 1.2.2