My first VCarve Inlay

Finished my first VCarve Inlay using the Longmill with Maple and Walnut.

I used Carveco Maker to design the sign. Cut with the 1/8" endmill and 30 deg vBit from Sienci Labs.

Still need to sand and finish it. Thinking of using Tung Oil as the finish.

Very happy with how this turned out :slight_smile:


@aarseneault Very nicely done, André. Thanks for posting this. Please post another pic after you oil it. I’m sure the walnut will really pop.

I’ve been wanting to try out the inlay. But I better keep it basic for now. :joy:

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@Jasonmagee79, It took me a few tries with just one of the letters using MDF before i got the numbers right in Carveco Maker. It’s still not perfect on close inspection. I think it’s because my router moved slightly on one of the axes when I was changing bits.

I read somewhere that i can activate the motors before the tool change to ensure there is no movement. Will try that with the next one :slight_smile:

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Hi André, what bit did you use for this job - the detail is exquisite.

OOPs should have read the first part of the thread. I see the answer I was looking for.

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Really a super job, well done!

As for a finish I have been using a product from Germany called Osmo. I use the clear gloss “3011”.
it is available on Amazon. Don’t let high gloss scare you it’s more like a satin.

Tutorial, there are many on YouTube. [How to apply osmo polyx hardwax oil to furniture - YouTube](https://Osmo Application)

I sand up to #320, apply the first coat like this guy and then additional applications I use a 6 inch orbital with a white pad, number of coats vary, 3-5 is my usual. Buff off with a micro fiber rag after each coat, the finish is amazing.