NEED REAL HELP please nothing is working after setting up according to video insturction

HELLO EVERY ONE i am new to cnc as of today now finished mounting up d 30 x30 …i am only getting power on d stop light an no way else i checked an rechecked all all seem to b in place, also when attempting to dwload d UGSPlatform it is only sayin erron .help please

@newbcnc Welcome to the group newbcnc.

No offence meant, but your message is a bit garbled. You seem to have a couple of problems.

When you say that you are only getting power on “d stop light”. what do you mean. Can you post a pic showing the light that is on?

Where are you trying to download UGS from? You should be going here:

Choose Platform and under that “latest release 2.07”, then your operating system. You will download a zip file.

Yes bro it was sort of garbled up .but I solved d probs .with d lights i was downloading from d platform tht was given on d assemble manual .so i will try ur .thks ur kind help is no offence taken .lol