Need STL of LongMill 30x30

Guys and Gals, is there a 3D stl of the LongMill 30x30? I searched the forum and facebook sites but could not find one. If it’s in OnShape I don’t know how to access it. I’m designing a new shop sign for my woodworking and want to use the LongMill as a center piece. Any help appreciated. TIA

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Maybe you can use this? I just copied the image from the Scienci website and edited out the smaller Longmill leaving only the 30x30. I know Vcarve can inport JPGs.

@paullarson - Thank you sir. I will certainly give that a try. I don’t really need a 3d but I want it to stand out. I tried copying the color image off of OnShape but it didn’t do very well creating vectors in vcarve pro.

@Heyward43 - The file you are after is located on the Sienci website at the following link:

Scroll down and select version2 and then select the download button and you can chose the file format you need. I was able to download a 3D file to impost into Inventor so I could design my table around it. The files seem to be very complete.

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First of all welcome to the forum. Secondly I see what you are talking about but when I select STL it only shows me 3D printed parts list. Not the entire longmill. Yesterday I tried downloading as a .jpg and creating vectors. Unfortunately it didn’t work too well in vcarve pro. I’ll try loading it into Inkscape to see if I can make it look better. Thanks for your post.

Heyward while you’re in Onshape you should be able to click the cube off to the right and change the way that you view the machine in order to give you a line drawing version of the machine:

Not sure why the file download isn’t working out for you. How exactly are you attempting the download?

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I have Inventor2020 and can convert the 3d assembly model to a STL and e-mail it as long as it’s not violating any forum rules.


I downloaded the .dxf of the version 1. Then tried create vectors in vcarve pro. Wasn’t a very good finish. Tried vcarve toolpath simulation but very blotchy. Your method will probably work a lot better. I’ll give that a try in vcarve. I will also try inkscape since it has more flexibility. Thanks Chris.

Please! I don’t think that’s a problem and I would certainly appreciate it. It’s not really that important so don’t spend a lot of time on it. And thanks.

Sent you the file. Let me know if you have any issues and we can try another file format.

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Thanks @Gassman69 and @chrismakesstuff. I tried all of y’alls suggestions. It doesn’t look real good in the design once I generate the toolpaths. Neither STL would carve very well when reduced in size. I think I will give up on that idea for now. Thanks again for trying. I’ll keep the files and recommendations.

@Gassman69 @chrismakesstuff @paullarson - Thanks again guys for your help. I tried something using the 12x12 instead of the 30x30. I turned off the things Chris said and downloaded the.png printout. I then used a v-bit on a profile toolpath at a depth of .02". Just enough to draw an outline. Colored it black in the drawing and it doesn’t look too bad. I think I will try that on some scrap to see how it looks real time. Will be adding other details to the sign but for now this is it. Drawing attached.


And NO I’m not colorblind. I just can’t seem to spell blue.

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Just an update on my shop sign. Here is what I currently plan on being my final design. Hope it comes out as planned.