Negative Y axis vibrations

Hey all,

I have been noticing that I am getting vibrations/chatter when cutting in the negative Y direction (say during pocketing operations) but no chatter in the positive Y or either of the X axis directions. I have a suspicion it is in the mount for the router because when I place my had on the top of the router it seems to quit chattering. All the screws are nice and tight for the mount to the carriage and the clamp for the router itself. Just curious if anyone else had/has thus issue?

Check the delrin wheels on the X axis. If they are too loose, the router will be able to move fore and aft. You can easily check this. Put the router in the middle of the X travel. Turn everything off and see if you can move the router, not side to side, but front and back. If you can, the wheels are too loose.

Awesome thanks Grant! I will check this afternoon. Do you think it could be because I have the router as far down in the mount as it will go? Or would that even have any effect on the situation?

I don’t really know, but I believe that if they are loose, they are loose. Not to be a smart ass, but that’s just the way it is. :grinning: I guess that it’s reasonable to conclude that if the router is as far down as it will go, there is more leverage on the whole connection, so it may flex more.

There have been conversations on here about flexing in the router and the conclusions seem to be that it is best to keep the router as high in the mount as you can. That said, you may need to raise up off your spoil board the material you are cutting so that you can carve/cut deep enough into it. Early on, I think it was Bill Korn who talked about this. He mills aluminum and other metals frequently, I believe, and the stresses this puts on the Mill are greater than milling in soft wood, for example. He got better results with his router high in the mount, reducing the leverage created by the bit in the material. (I hope that I am paraphrasing Bill correctly.)