New CNCer Projects!

Hello from Eastern Ontario Canada.
Just got my Longmill 48x30 recently and here are a few of my projects
I also have a desk file I’m working on for a desk that attaches to my wheelchair.
A problem I ran into…
Slots for material are cut slightly smaller than set size. Upon inspection my bit is undersized. Is this a common issue??? My .25 downcut bit is only between .23 and .24. My slots are .02 smaller than the thickness of my material which is to tight to push together. Any input on this welcome.


I think it’s normal to have to add some tolerance when making parts fit together. I recently did some recessed screw holes that were 10mm in diameter. I made plugs to fill the holes after, the first plug I made was 9.8mm and it didn’t fit. The second set of plugs I made 9.5mm in diameter and they fit. Interesting thing is 0.02" is .508mm, basically the same tolerance that I needed.

I like your work so far and hope you are enjoying your new LongMill. I look forward to seeing the desk!

@sgerber I second @_Michael comment. I cut jigsaw puzzles and always have to build in an offset.

As to your bit size question: it is normal. I always measure the size of new bits. Not infrequently, they are off - always smaller than advertised. I enter the true measurement into the tool data base. The same is true of v-bits. Seldom are the exactly as advertised.

Sounds like you have a 6mm end mill (0.2362).