New Lazy Susan done with my Long Mill

Did all the engraving and v carving with the cnc, even cutout the 16.5" dia and the 8" base with the cnc. My wife had been doing the carving with an air powered engraver by hand, I was using circle jigs but pretty simple and painless with the cnc. We have made 15 of these, this last one was faster and more precise, after the glue up (17 X 17"), ran it through a drum sander to make it even thickness, lined the blank up on the cnc and let it go. Wife does the epoxy sealer in the carved areas, then filled with tinted resin and the run through the drum sander to get it all flat again. Finished with multiple Osmo coats buffed in with white scotch pads, about five coats, followed by Osmo Cleaner and final a bit of paste wax.


Nicely done Bill! That looks super clean!

@Bill Looks very fine, Bill.

At this point in time I use the Long mill to improve my woodworking precision, so far, so good!

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