New MK2 30x30 owner - decisions to make

New MK2 30x30 owner here with pre-order for the Rotary… The unit arrive this week with everything still in the box as I need to find time to build a table (which 1st means deciding what I want for a table).

Curious as to any recommendations on best options to run gSender… I’ll likely do most of my design work on my Mac in my home office - and I’ve not yet decided if the CNC will live in my garage or my basement shop - have to determine where I can allocate the best space, etc… Until such time as the Longboard arrives which can host gSender locally I guess I’ll probably need a dedicated computer for gSender… are there any pros/cons to Windows over Mac and what would be deemed the minimum requirements for such a machine?

The other thing I have to decide is my table top - if I’m going to go with t-tracks, inserts, or a vacuum table system… I have some on-going things planned for the rotary so regardless I’ll need to set things up to allow for it to be easily installed/removed… open to advise from those who have been down the path before…

I don’t know anything about mac vs windows so I can’t help there. Don’t forget to consider your dust collection when deciding on its home whether it is a shop vac or a 1 or 2-hp dust collector. CNCs can make a mess. MDF gets everywhere.

I went with T-tracks but wish I would have gone with inserts or at least put my t-tracks a little closer together. As they are now, there is a no-man land with a few project sizes.

Hold down clamps, accept it now that you will likely run a bit into them at some point. If I had considered that in the beginning and made my own out of wood. I would have saved some money from buy extra clamps and new bits.

I’m sure others will chime in too as there are quite a few different setups that can work.