New to....All of This

After months of research, I just ordered my Longmill 30X30. I have spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to learn Fusion 360. I am feeling like a 7 year old and today is December 20. Just wanted to say thanks to those that have been here for a bit and continue to share the wealth of knowledge to us newbies, especially the old men, like me.

I am very excited to this adventure and I look forward to sharing and learning with all down the road. For now, Ive got 5 days to build a table and clear some clutter out of the garage.



@OriginalChrisPratt Welcome to the club, Chris. You will find it very friendly and informative, I’m sure.

Welcome, Chris. Out of curiosity, what have you been using to teach yourself Fusion 360? I struggled for a while and was doing things ad hoc via YouTube but recently have started the “Learn Fusion 360 or Die Trying” series on YouTube and the first four lessons have been invaluable in locking down the basic concepts. I can highly recommend it.



Thanks, Jeff. I was on You Tube virtually all day for a while and picking things up, but no one was really “teaching”. The Autodesk website has a section for teaching but I have not tried it yet, so I can’t speak on it. There is another place, website called Udemy. I heard a commercial on the radio one day and decided to check it out. I have a version of Photoshop on my laptop that I simply cant do anything, other than resize pictures, and went there to check into courses. I found NUMEROUS courses on Fusion 360 (as well as just about anything else you want to learn), some of them are FREE. After my initial visit to the site, and doing nothing, I got a coupon from them a few days later, so I paid for a course. For me, it is very beneficial. After I feel I have a solid foundation on the basics, I will play with the software, do some learning on my own, but will very likely look for advanced courses down the road. The problem with teaching myself is that I do not know what I do not know…Hope you find something there that is helpful.

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