New to longmill

I am new to the longmill. I have been doing 3D design for years and have experience with a small CNC 2418 I bought to route PCB boards for my electronics hobby.

Got my longmill several weeks ago. It was easy to assemble and worked pretty good from the start. Since then I have realigned, adjusted, tweaked basically everything I have found here. So far so good. Just need to get the feeds/speeds down.

I have a small HP netbook, 2gb ram that would run linux that worked perfectly with the 2418 running bCNC. I had many issues with UGS. I hooked this up to the longmill and it works perfectly there. I had to search but found some code to make the 3 axis probe work from a macro button. Anyone having issues with UGS should try bCNC.

I haven’t tried routing a PCB on the longmill yet, but have a larger board in mind to try.

Thank you all for the information. It really helped me through the minor / major issues. As I learn, I will post. Thank you again and Happy Holidays.

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I have been using CNCjs for the past 6+ months with no problems whatsoever. I am not familiar with bCNC so can’t help there. There are so many choices out there but I believe most longmillers are using either UGS or CNCjs. A lot of new users are using Easel which I believe is an all-in-one program (CAD through gcode sender). Good luck and Happy Holidays to you.

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I have not tried CNCjs yet. I started with bCNC due to its built in autoleveler. This was a must for routing circuit boards.

I’ll take a look at CNCjs. bCNC will remain my goto for now, mainly since I am very well versed with it and I am lazy :slight_smile: . Thank you for the suggestion, I am sure I’ll get around to exploring this in the near future.

I have tried most of the design software, for electronics Kicad & Flatcam, for carving vCarve looks interesting. I looked at Aspire but OUCH out of my price range.

Happy holidays

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