No motor power from Y1-motor port

Hello all, almost done with the build all wired up and all ready to go. However when testing jog controls on gsender z and x axis move fine but the Y axis only one side moves. And that’s the side connected to the Y2-Motor port on the control box. I get movement from each motor when individualy connected to the Y2-port but none when connected to the Y1 port. I hope I don’t have a bad control box.

@Ismael Ismael: As a first step, ensure that the dip switches on the Y1 driver board are correctly set.

Yes, DIP is set correctly.

@Ismael Isamael. You may have already done this, but move each dip switch to its opposite position, then move it back to the correct position.

Verify that the led is lighted on the Y1 board.

If you have done these things and you still have the problem, contact Sienci support to open a ticket.

Here is a link to the support request form:

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@Ismael - Do what Grant said first. But in addition to that remove the green plug from Y1. Loosen the screws holding the wires and remove the wires. Make sure the plastic shielding is cut back far enough and the wires are seated firmly. I have heard of this problem previously and may be a solution to your problem. Also if the wire ends are pre-tinned (soldered) some people recommend clipping off the soldered ends. Then removing additional shielding and reinstalling in the plugs. If you do this make sure you put the wire colors back in the correct socket. Compare to other motor plugs and match them. This may also solve your problem.

@Heyward43 Think thats not the current problem, as it is the port which is not working.

However, @Ismael following Heyward’s advice may preserve future issues. Especially the presoldered wires of the DC-jack caused several issues.

turns out the potentiometer on the Y1-motor port was not set to 2.2A. I set it to 2.2A and now I have power.

Than kk a all.