No Power at Driver Boards

Hi Everyone,

I was running my long mill for a few hours yesterday with no issues. I go to start it up today and all 4 driver boards aren’t getting power, when I turn the main power on the PWR lights on the boards light up for a second then go off. I’ve checked and I have 24VDC coming out of the power cord. UGS connects to the Arduino and when try manually moving one of the axis UGS gets feed back that they have moved but physically nothing happens. I checked to see if there was voltage going out to the motors but I get nothing on any of the axis when I try to move them.


@RobK Rob: What version of controller do you have? The one with the acrylic side panels (version 1) or the steel one? I had the same issue with my version 1 controller. The problem was the on/off switch. I bypassed it and all was well. I used the switch on a power bar until Sienci replaced the controller.

Fortunately I live in the same city as the Sienci team and Andy was able to make the quick repair to the switch for me! Back up and running now.

@RobK Just out of curiosity, was it the power switch on the controller?

Yes it was, he made the same repair by bypassing the switch.