One week since I recieved the new longmill

recieved my Longmill monday, started setting it , ran into problems the power switch plug not seating, the female port on the controller was soldered on 180 degrees off on the board, so the tab on the acrylic would not allow the connector to be inserted, Called Scienci, and was instructed to cut the green tab on the male plug, this was not acceptable since this is what holds the connection secured, so I disassembled the control box and machined a new tab into the acrylic, the resumed assembly, then once done, I had no movement of the y2 axis, spent the day trouble shooting it, was a bad dip switch position, once that was fixed, I resumed and found that the z axis would go down, but not up, contacted Scienci, and it took them a day and half to respond, by then I had swapped the x and z connectors at the controller, and the problem followed to the x axis, thus telling me it is in the controller, back to science, I asked for a phone call 3 times to no avail, I should not have this many problems with a new controller. I researched this machine for months, and went with it because of their cust service, well they dropped the ball on this one, I have about 2k into the set up, and right now it’s just a boat anchor, so today I am ordering a one finitey and just chaulking it up to expensive lesson

@Tsmodie , I would hold off ordering the onefinity and give Scienci a bit more time to resolve your issues. I’m sure they will resolve your issues in a timely manner. Don’t give up yet.


Just wanted to share my experience.

I was putting my 30x30 together last night. I came across a manufacturing mistake, which requires new parts. I emailed at 830am and receive confirmation new parts were shipping 1hr later.

Never have I had this level of customer service. Its unfortunate that a bad part was shipped. However SienciLabs addressed it immediately!

A+ for customer service
B for quality control


You’ll be waiting for months for a Onefinity, so while you’re waiting keep working with Scienci on your Longmill. They will get you going.

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