Outline function in gSender

Just wondering… does OUTLINE work?
I get:
feeder G21 G90 G0 X195.42 Y213.87
feeder G21 G90 G0 X194.35 Y221.93
feeder G21 G90 G0 X192.84 Y229.11
ALARM:2 (Soft limit)
[MSG:Reset to continue]

each time I try Outline… I need to click Unlock 2 times to get back to normal.
Maybe that is for the laser ?

I unpluged the LM and connected to LB machine and all well and Visa Versa LM connects and jogs.
Does Outline work? I just get error 2 Soft limit Soft limit alarm. G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position retained. Alarm may be safely unlocked.
It did not move and the file is good.

@astro4000 I have moved this question to a new thread, Alex, as it does not relate to your original com port issue. This way, it will get more attention.

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@astro4000 outline should work, just that it needs to move around the perimeter of the cut so if the cut is too large or it’s right near the limit of you machine limits then it’ll run into an error where running the outline will max out your machine limit. You shouldn’t get these errors if you’ve homed your machine and are then running outline on a job within your machine limits

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I’m not near the machine, though I’m sure I had the work in the center of the bed. I do home the machine and I have limit switches which are the proximity type. It would not run the outline at all, no start just error message.

This is always an attempt to move one one or more axis out of range. For me, 99% of the time it’s the Z. A “Run Job” does not lift the cutter first, but an Outline does! If you Home you’ll be at the top and Outline will immediately error. Just nudge it down twice with medium.