Page goes blank

Page goes blank while uploading file. Originally using Easel but Easel is not good for a carve this size. In Easel this carve would take over 37 hours and I cant stop or pause my Xcarve pro in the middle of the carve without having to start all over. Completely defeating the purpose. So here I am trying to use gsender and the page goes blank. Cant catch a break with this piece. Its one problem after another.

@imsuperrich Welcome to the group.

I’ve never used Easel so I don’t understand why it would take a lot longer for it to run the gcode than it will take in gSender. Presumably, it’s the same gcode, just a different sender.

When you say that this is very large project, how large is it?

What post processor are you using to create the gcode that you are sending to gSender?

Can you post the gcode file or is it too large?