Pause disables jogging & macros

I want to be able to pause to change bits , use a macro to set Z, then resume. I find once paused jogging and macro buttons are disabled. This youtube video

shows it being done using version 1.04. I’m using 1.17 and pause just locks all the jog & macro buttons. Is this a new “feature” or am I missing something?

@MtrDLP How are you “pausing”?

I have tried 2 methods:
One is a pause button wired into the Arduino (using a Demon controller - Designs by Phil)
The other is using M0 in the g-code.

@MtrDLP I know nothing about the Demon controller.

However, you may want to read this information on the Sienci site about setting gSender for tool changes. It seems to say to use M6, not M0.

Additional Features - gSender Docs (

Scroll down to “tool changes”.

I am aware of what the documentation says regarding M6/M0. My question is why, when the machine is paused, does it disable the jog and macro capabilities. It appears to have been working properly in v1.05

@MtrDLP If you use M6, as set out in the article, jogging and macro capabilities are not disabled - at least in my testing they were not. I do not know why they are disabled when using M0. Since I don’t use either one, I didn’t test further

Ok. I got it working today using M6 and setting gSender’s tool change option to manual. Not sure why M0 locks out jog & macros. Something must have changed since v1.05. Thanks.

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As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.