PCB making items and questions

Hi everyone!

I am new to CNC machines and am planning on purchasing an MK2 in 30x30 mainly for PCB milling.

I have not seen too many PCBs made with the LongMill and am having trouble finding some tutorials for creating PCBs with the LongMills, only found with the Mill One. Is the LongMill good for creating PCBs? Is it able to do double sided ones as well?

If it is a good fit, what other items should I purchase along with it? This is what I have so far:
LongMill MK2 30x30
Makita 1.25HP Router
LongMill MK2 Magnetic Dust Shoe
Touch Plate
Machinists End Mill Set (which includes 1/8" Makita RT0701 Precision Collet, Single Flute Upcut End Mill in 1/8" and 1/4")
30 Degree Engraving V-bit
1.6mm Corncob End Mill

Thanks so much in advance for any advice and/or suggestions, anything is appreciated!

Very excited to learn!

Hi Sc!

I would say the LongMill will do PCBs for you with no problems - you have the Corncob End Mill and from what I can tell the major pieces you will need.

For double sided milling, you will want to get your machine really square, and probably make yourself a fixture or two for mounting and flipping.

Welcome to the community!


Amazing, thank you! Can’t wait to get started!

Let us know how it goes! We are looking forward to the results.

I’m really interested to see what kind of ideas you come up with for fixturing. I think it’s an area that can really open some huge potential (and I am thinking of things I can do in that realm too, but for wood).