Pi4 Display issue - Screen appears scrambled

I am trying set up gSender 1.0.4 on a Pi4 with Rasbpian 10 Buster, and when I run the app it appears scrambled. I can click buttons but it’s unusable. I’ve tried a few different screen resolutions and it is currently set to higher then the required (1920x1080)

Any ideas how I can get this to look correct?

Thanks in advance for the help

@sophie Welcome to the community! I don’t have an answer for you, but I am sure someone will.

Hey just wondering if anyone has found a solution for this. I’m a bit at a loss.


We actually didn’t end up releasing a 1.0.4 Pi version due to build issues, so my assumption is you might be running a version for a different architecture which could result in the issue you’re seeing.

1.0.5 does have a specific Pi version - look for the arm7l versions, either .deb, .appImage or .rpm.

Let me know if that fixes your issue - if not we’ll continue to trouble shoot.