Possible bug in gsender?

Hi, I have a video of this, but it’s 90 MB and was too large to email, so I will just describe the issue.

I was having a problem with zeroing X, Y and Z, so I tried double-checking the touch plate dimensions. I found some values that might have been off by 2 or 3 thousandths of an inch. So I reset them in gSender.

Then I did a XYZ probe. What happened was scary - it did the Z, then the X then the Y probe as usual, but after the Y probe, instead of raising the router on the Z axis an inch or so, and moving forward in the Y direction above the touchplate, it just moved the bit forward in the Y. The router and bit crashed into the touchplate which was of course on a fastened board. By the time the hardware detected an error, my LongMill was badly out of square. I don’t believe there was any damage, but can’t be sure.

I went back to the Probe Settings and found that instead of something like 57mm in the Z axis, the value was -57mm. I know that I never entered the minus sign. Changing -57 to positive 57 fixed the problem.

Could the gSender code could be modified to never accept a negative Z axis value? Maybe another newbie error, but maybe a gSender bug. Thought I’d raise the issue so nobody else might “run into it” - HA-HA pun intended.

-Mike M
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