Power Cord quite working

Hello. Has anyone had a problem with the power cord stop working. When I first starting moving the x, y, and z to test it was working and then after turning it off and making adjustments to my table and turning the power back on the light to the power brick did not come on. So I switched it out with a 750 volt computer cord and now works fine. Will the extra voltage cause shorts with long board or motors down the line? I would like to get the cord replaced by Sienci labs since it didn’t work correctly. Any suggestions. Thanks.

@Jaldri Jermie: Do you mean that you are using the cord that brings power from the wall to a 750 WATT computer power supply to bring power from the wall to the Mill power supply? If so, there is no extra voltage going to the Mill power supply. It is just a cord.

I’m guessing that is not your issue, though, since it’s unlikely that the cord is bad. It’s more likely that the power supply is bad. So, I’m assuming that you are using a computer 750 watt power supply to go between the wall and the Mill controller. If so, the issue becomes the voltage being carried by the lead from the power supply you are using. Computer power supplies have outputs ranging from 3.3V to 12V, as far as I know. The Mill uses a 24V power supply, so I would not have thought that a computer power supply could provide enough voltage to run the controller. Since you say it is working, clearly, I am mistaken about that.

If you can provide some details, I’m sure someone here can help. In the meantime, write to Sienci. I’m sure that they will get you fixed up.

Thanks for responding. The brick on the power supply works it is just the plug that connects to the power supply brick that does not work.

The picture above is the cord that came with the power supply that no longer works. But as soon as I used a similar computer plug it started working just fine. I did send them an email about it though. Thanks for your help.

@Jaldri That’s wild. A power cord going is rare. In the pic, I can see that the outer insulation does not go all the way to the plug. I guess that could mean that one of the wires is broken in the plug.

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