Preparing for the LM

decided to go with the 2x4 basics workbench kit with 2 x4’s alongthe bottom and bottom sides, advantech subflooring for the bottom shelf, no middle shelf. 2x4’s along middle for structure with 1 short side not screwd and the front opened for easy access to underneaths. 2x4’s along top with2x4 crossbeams placed across the 4’ top. table is level. top is 4x8 sanded 3/4" premium ply followed by a 6 x4 3/4" premium ply on top of that for the LM. Would like to be able to remove the 6x4 ply that holds the LM so it can come off the table fully assembled if ever need be. Plan on adding 3/4" strips to the 6x4 for the LM legs to put it about even with a 3/4" mdf spoilboard i intend to use so I don’t lose any z height. will screw the leg ply to the 6x4 base and screw the 6x4 base to the top of the table. not sure how I will install the spoilboard yet. I have 4’ t-tracks and will mount them to the 6x4 ply and cut the mdf into strips between the tracks. Since I intend on tiling larger sheet goods, the spoilboards will be milled flat and only encompass the cutting area so the sheet goods will(theoretically) be at the same height. I will be adding ledges to the front and back of the table so that feed and exit tables I build will hold support the longer sheet goods as each section is tile carved. big plans…lol - I will post when I get her all done - be awhile tho.

any suggestions or something I missed pls feel free to add or comment.

ps all the stuff on the table and clamps is to keep everything flat until I get to it.

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@engraver99 Looking good, Kevin. Since you asked for suggestions, I will offer one :grinning:

You mentioned that you will be mounting the LM feet on strip of 3/4" MDF, which is a good idea. I suggest that you cut 3 slots in the MDF, spaced along their length, each only a couple of inches inches long and 1/4" wide… Screw the feet to the strips. Use 1/4" through bolts in the slots, going through the table or into inserts in the table. With this setup, when you calibrate the LM, it is super easy to move the rails back and forth in very small increments.


hmm thanks i’ll have to consider that

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