Probe XY reversed direction

I have a DIY CNC Shied Arduino machine. Using gSender 1.0.5.

Trying to setup the Sienci XYZ probe. The probe is connected to pins GND and SCL, which I read is A5 on the Arduino.
The probe is in bottom left corner of bed. The Z probing works perfectly.
Both X and Y start to travel right or back when trying to probe. Of course, it errors after too much travel.
I tried probing with CNC3D Commander and it worked fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Update. I’m back the next day and the Z no longer works on gSender All 3 axis still work on the other gcode sender. If it helps, the movement always seems the same: moves 3 jumps in wrong direction. Each jump appears larger than the previous.

Hey @JeffG , would you be able to show and pictures or video of the problem you’re having so we can help provide better advice about your problem? You can also show the ‘Console’ tab or copy the code there which can help to see what code the machine is sending and if that might be the problem