Probing bug in Edge 1.2.3

Edge 1.2.3

Starting a project, I can use the touch plate to set Z0. However, after running the first toolpath, the Z probe does not work. I touch the plate to the end mill and get the small light saying connection was found. But the “start probe” light never comes on. I need to close Edge and re-start it to be able to use the probe function again.

To confirm the issue was with Edge, I closed Edge, opened gS 1.1 7, and ran the same toolpaths ones after another using the touchplate and the probe module for all of them.

Using the standard touchplate, Edge 1.2.3 and Windows 10 22H2.

This issue may have been present in previous versions of Edge.

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Thanks, we’ll take a look. Does disabling the probe connectivity test in Preferences → Probe → Probe Connectivity Test get around the issue for the time being?

@KGN No change disabling that test.

Interesting, thanks, we’ll take a look.

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This should be fixed in the next edge release.

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