Problems with 48x30 on X-axis


could you please explain in more detail on what you meant by" did a burn to the system board again".

Here is my issue. After upgrading my MK 1 to the 48x30 I am having issues with the X axis. I have to change the X axis travel resolution [ $100] to 100.000 from the default setting of 200.000. At the default setting the x axis will stay in one spot making a horrible noise. I tried for 3 days straight adjusting the v-wheels with no luck. changing the value seems to be the only thing that works. Also, I noticed in the settings under machine profiles, I don’t see the 48x30. I see every other longmill machines. Could that be an issue?

Any Ideas ?

@jcorman I’d look at the two bolts that hold the anti-backlash nut to the X-axis plate to see if that might be causing the problem. If you loosen those slightly, does your x-axis go back to working? If so you might want to look at playing with how much you tighten the nut down to the plate since there could be some compression or misalignment putting too much stress on the motor