Program Disconects

I’m trying to do a carve with a 1/16" bit. According to the chart I have (the one from IDC Woodcraft), i should be running my Makita router on dial 5. I load up gSender, turn on the router, press start and after anywhere fro 10 seconds to about a minute, it just stops. It says program is still running but it itsn’t moving at all. I’ve tried disconnecting my dust collector from the router and not even turning it on, re-routing cables reflashing g-Sender, replacing USB cable and making sure all connections are tight.

The program I ran yesterday had my speed below 4 so I tried running the machine with the speed under 4 with the smaller bit to see if it would work and for some reason its working.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve that problem so I can run the router at a higher RPM as called for?

@Ops58 Welcome to the group, Cam.

If you have the router power cable in the drag chain, I would remove it and try again at speed 5. Let us know if this helps.

If you do not have the power cable in the drag chain, I am fresh out of ideas. With luck, someone else here will be able to suggest a solution.

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Have you tried running your program with the router turned off? (BTW, you should be making these tests without a bit in the router.)

You didn’t say how much use this router has had. By getting it “working” with a change in speed and trying other things on the receive side, your problem reminds me of worn out brushes in the router. Perhaps the brushes aren’t worn out, but they could be wearing out. Higher speeds would cause more arcing at the brushes and more problems in some other part.

I tried taking the Z Motor cable out of the drag chain and that didn’t help.

I did try running the program with the router turned off and it ran fine.

I’ve only had my machine since September and it’s moderate use while I’m on my days off.

I’ll try replacing the brushes and see if that helps

@Ops58 FWIW, I was referring to the router power cable, not the Z motor cable. I had issues in early days that we resolved by taking the router cable out of the drag chain so that it does not touch any of the stepper motor cables.

How did you secure the router power cable once out of the drag chain?

@Ops58 I just suspend it from the ceiling on a bungee; not pretty, but perfectly functional.

I think that’s your focus. To narrow it down, do what Grant did with the cord. If that’s not the solution, then try brushes. I’m with you though, they should be new.

I’ve heard of people letting their router run to wear in their brushes to the rotor. Don’t know if that’s a solution for you.

I’ve taken the brushes out and they’re showing burn marks. The commutator (I think that’s what it’s called) is also very dirty so I’m going to order new brushes, clean the commutator and give it a try when I get home from work in a couple weeks.

Thanks for everyone’s help I’ll post an update when I’m home again to see if that was the issue.

Well after more playing around with everything, (grounding dust collector, re-routing router cable and replacing brushes) it seems the issue turned out to be an issue with the program I created. I got a new SVG file and it ran the whole thing no problem.

Glad you got it figured out.
You can fix a lot of stuff with a bungee…