Project runs fine once, but not a second time

MK2 30x30, running gsender. My toolpath (generated in Vectra Desktop) will run fine, but when I try to rerun the same tap after putting a new workpiece on and re-zeroing everything, when I hit Start Job, the Z axis goes to the top and moves way off in XY. If I do the “outline” in gsender, it moves properly in X and Y. Sometimes hitting start the Z goes negative and jams into the workpiece. Shutting everything (including the computer) and restarting sometimes clears the problem, but more frequently does not. What could be the problem? Because the job does run correctly once, it isn’t bad toolpaths, etc. Loading a different project does not help either.

@Graham I’m guessing that this is the same issue that you have posted in another thread, yes?

In this post, you mention tap. What post processor are you using in VCarve Desktop? You should be using either grbl inch or grbl mm. The output file will be .gcode, not .tap.

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