Puck Bottle Opener with the Convertible Longmill

Convertible Longmill? … Longmill Transformer?

What ever you want to call it, I used the Longmill with a plasma torch to cut the inserts, then changed to a router to cut the wood puck. I do not have the diode laser for the longmill, but I do have a 60 watt CO2 to do the engraving.


Nicely done!

I’m in the market for a laser for my Longmill. Would you please tell me what brand and model of laser you’re using?


Kingston, ON, Canada

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Yea. As far as a laser, I have a 60 watt CO2, and the little Ortur Laser Master 2 5watt diode. The plasma conversion I did to the Longmill is really handy. I cut 3 more gnome designs just a few minutes ago.