Quick question on a new Longmill build

Just got the CNC, and put it together, wasn’t too bad, have a couple of questions.

  1. The instructions mentions UGSPlatform, do I need to do this or can I simply use gSender? If gSender, can I get pointed to how I would continue the connection of the machine as a new setup on gSender please?

  2. When putting the wires together the instructions were a bit unclear (where it said to look for lights), but I plugged everything in properly, read it a few times to make sure. Question is was there something important here, or as long as it’s wired correctly I can continue to connecting to the PC?

  3. The machine is not square yet, I see the instructions mention screwing down one side then moving the machine on the Y-axis to the top then screw in the top, then move to the middle and screw in middle and so forth. Do I move the router on the Y-axis using the software to do this or manually?

I’m looking to fire up the machine tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some quick responses by then.

Thanks in advance for you assistance!!

(Great support from the company so far as well - 5 stars there).

@Bizbrar - First off welcome to the family. To answer your questions:

  1. Just use gSender. You don’t need both.
  2. As for lights you should have 4 red lights on the controller. One each for the motor drivers. You may also see a green light on top of the Arduino if you can see it. And yes you should be able to connect to the PC.
  3. I followed the written instructions completely. I double and triple checked measurements to make sure all was square. One additional measurement I did was measure from corner to corner from exact points (top corner of the Y rails) to make sure all was square. They should match exactly or it’s not square. Of course moving the X rail is easier if you have it powered up but it can be moved manually but very slowly. Personally I left the anti-backlash nuts unbolted from the Y carriages so I could just slide the X rail easily by hand. Then re-installed the anti-backlash bolts. Of course you need to make sure all is square for maximum performance. It’s not that hard just measure, measure and measure again.

Hi - thanks for the welcome, looking fwd to the journey!

I want to thank you greatly for responding so quickly, very much appreciated.

  1. Is there a link or resource on which setting to update on gSender (they advised some settings to update in the other program, want to make sure I do the same with gSender)

  2. Thanks so much, I haven’t plugged in anything yet, as I wanted to make sure things were perfectly square.

  3. I really like your tip about the backlash nuts, that’s a great idea to remove and then adjust from there. I didn’t think of that, and this tip alone should help me get squared up. I’ll definitely measure various points to make sure everything lines up.

Thanks again, I think i’ll be good to go now, feel free to send me other tips that I may not have come across just yet, that would be greatly appreciated too!!

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Anti backlash nuts - They’re quiet annoying. If you put them on the direction the instructions show you will lose some travel on your axis.

I put mine in facing away from the axis which makes them more difficult to adjust but I get that space back. Just get a longer hex key.

Additionally you can lubricate the lead screws to make the movement smoother.

I just replaced mine with set screws, and they work good.

@Blunderpunk Just curious, B. What are you using as lubricant on the lead screws?

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