Rasperry pi - which version

I am working on installing gSender on a PI4. Looking at the install instructions, it states:
Bullseye (the latest release) is both 64bit and lacking libraries that Electron requires to run so is not currently supported.
Bullseye is no longer current with the current version being ‘Bookworm’.
Does gSender work on ‘Bookworm’?
If it does not support Bookworm and if Bullseye is also not supported, which version of the Raspberry Pi operating system is actually supported and where can I find a version of that operating system?

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I have now tried gSender-1.4.7-PI-64Bit.AppImage and gSender-1.4.7-Linux-ARM-64Bit.AppImage. Both were tried on a Pi4B 4GB with a brand new Raspian 64 bit install. I tried to execute them both in the normal window environment mode and in a terminal window. Nothing I do does anything - nothing happens and I don’t get error messages.
BTW, I did install gSender-1.4.7-Linux-Intel-64Bit.AppImage on my regular Linux laptop and it starts up just fine. Since I don’t know what I am doing yet, this is all I tested.
BTW2: Why is there no mention in the gSender docs about it running on a regular Intel Linux system??? That is a pretty bad oversight (unless it starts but fails somewhere down the road).
In any case, I am frustrated and not impressed :frowning:

Respectfully, if you don’t know how to find an old version of buster - this is probably something you shouldn’t be doing. They are pretty clear in their documentation the pi version is not high on their list of something they support.

Pick an old version here:

Then choose that as your OS when you flash the sd

I have very good luck with gSender on Debian Linux using the same image you mentioned. I think the documentation could use an update to show that as a valid platform. I did attempt to use gSender on Raspberry Pi, and the only success I had was with the much older Buster OS. Sadly, the performance was very low – thus the move to the Linux PC.

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Charlie - thanks for the link but your comment is out of line.

Why would Sienci Labs claim Raspberry Pi compatibility given the state of affairs. Why not claim Linux compatibility and leave it at that? I am now wondering if poetic license was used on any of their other claims.

The documentation is obviously not up to date and if gSender only supports old versions of Raspian, then the most basic thing a normal person would expect is a link to the operating system that is supported together with a full run down of any other surprises waiting for the unsuspecting. The fact that all they say is that Bullseye is not supported with no mention of what actually works is a slap in the customers face!

@Jens I’ve moved this topic to the gSender category where it more appropriately fits.

Please keep the comments repectful.

We support/compile/test on Pi 4 - Bullseye 64. The documentation is out of date - we passed on updates that needed to be made for it a while back but it hasn’t made its way of staging servers. I’ll poke @StephenCampbell to see if we can get them moved over to the main site.

Thanks KGN, that sounds promising!

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