Replace motor query

My motors all worked for 10 minutes. Then one makes noise but the spindle does not turn. Where do i buy a replacement?The LDO site does not work and amazon etc do not seem to sell LDO products. Is the
NEMA motor the same?

Have you checked that the motor connections are properly seated? Check that both the motor connections and the controller board connections are properly connected. What do you mean by LDO?

Also double check the step size as well, if it is very small in UGS it will seem like the motor is not working

Which motor is it? I bumped a cable slightly loose and had mine move intermittently on the z axis, it easy to mess up the plugs when you are goofing with the wires

You have to recheck the motor cables make sure to press them in very hard. It does take a bit more pressure than you might think to get them to snap in.

Thanks for the suggestions. Checked everything and it worked.
LDO motors is the description on the motor body.

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