Resume button not just during cutting

Hi there,
I switched to gSender form UGS and although it is not the fastest at launching, I love the features and the design.
I’ve recently added a physical safety door switch to my CNC, so when I press it, the machine stops and lifts the Z axis out of the way. The problem with this is that in order to restart my machine (lower the tool and continue) I need to press a “resume” or “cycle start” button. Unfortunately, there is no such button in gSender when the machine is just sitting there and doing nothing. In UGS, the button is available and does its job and there is also a pin that can be used for this job, but it would be great to have the option to have a button permanently visible in the software.
Am I missing something here?

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@AnotherBoringUser noted. That’s an edge case I think we missed so we’ll look into implementing a solution there. For the time being you should be able to send “~” in the console to resume movement