Router sled out of a longmil

I was just wondering if anybody’s look at their longmill and thought no lead screws and a second y axis to mount the router between at it would be an awesome router sled for flattening slabs. Add some more centre supports to extend it out to 8 feet and it would be an awesome live edge flattening device.

@Mckeek I don’t quite understand your post, but keep in mind that we are not limited at all in the Y axis direction, only in X. In Y, you can mill/flatten 30", then you just slide the piece and mill and 30". You set an index pin so that there is no gap between the millings.

Look on youtube for CNCNutz videos. Peter has a video or two on “tiling”. I believe that Vectric has some on their youtube site, too.

@Mckeek, I/ve seen just that sled in a commercial shop.

It is a router sled. That’s the whole idea - Mill a flat or contour on the surface of a board.

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Sorry got x and y mixed up. I have a longmill at home but I also teach woodshop at school. We do have a cnc at school the issue is 1 cnc 75 minute period 18-24 students. Milling cookies flat with the machine depending on how they were cut and what bit is used can take anywhere from 10 minutes per pass to 20 minutes per pass. The other issue with the mill then slide is when doing a long board the first part you do becomes flat then the student slides the piece and then they have a hard time leveling it properly so that the next section will plane flat. All at once with students would be way easier and would allow one student to use the cnc while another could mill their board flat.
I see this

and I think v-wheels and the standoffs and such would make it so much nicer and safer with no electronics or motor needed.

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@Mckeek Sorry about that. I misunderstood your post. I have a sled set up similar to yours. I made it years ago for doing just what you are doing in the the pic. Mine uses skateboard wheels for the long axis.

It is all good. I am just thinking that the v-wheels and longmill type setup may be safer with students than what i have done at home.

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