September 16 - September 23, 2022 "A Project Made for the Kitchen" Contest

Hi everyone. Thank you for participating in the contest for this week. We saw a lot of outstanding contest submissions for this week’s theme and are happy to see many makers participating. Choosing the winners for this theme was tough as all decorative projects were fantastic. We are glad to see all the projects shared within our community.

We are excited to announce that @dspiller, Lydia Fitzpatrick, @Jasper.tizon, @Plagmar, @KMed, and Devon Coles are the winners of the “A Project That Is Decorative” contest! A prize is on its way to you!

This week’s theme is “a project made for the kitchen”! Post your noodle boards, trays, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and other kitchen-related projects that were made using the LongMill. We will select our favourite ones and send makers some awesome things.

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Happy crafting everyone!

A project for the kitchen reminded me of something I wanted to make but forgot about. A wooden spoon and spoon holder as I think every kitchen should have a cast iron skillet and wooden spoon.

I modeled the parts in Blender which is free, open source and excellent software.

I then used Vectric V-carve desktop to make the tool paths, 3D roughing and 3D finish. I used a 1/4" end mill for roughing and a 1/4" ball nose for the finish tool path. Both bits were run at 25mm/s or ~60inches/min with the Makita router on speed 3.

The spoon was a 2 sided job that I stopped when the wood around the spoon broke.

The holder was done as a single sided job and both pieces were treated with a food safe wood conditioner after hand sanding with 80, 120, 220 and finally 400 grit sandpaper.

The spoon is maple and the holder is pine.

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