September 9 - September 16, 2022 "A Project That is Decorative" Contest

Good afternoon everyone. We want to thank those who participated in the contest this week. We know this theme was a little trickier than others, but all of you killed this contest! It was difficult for us to select the winners for this week as all non-wooden projects were crafted very well. We love seeing all the projects shared within our community.

We are happy to announce that Jack Maree, @KalebMannion, @Menglor, @KootenayWoodcraft, @webbit_NJ, and @ronboklein are the winners of the “A Project That Isn’t Made From Wood” contest! Look out for a prize coming your way!

The theme of the week is “projects that are decorative”! Share with us something that you have created on the LongMill that was used to decorate your space. These projects include any wall art like signs, picture frames, wall carvings, figurines/statues, and other cool decorative items. We will choose our favourite decorative projects and send prizes to the creators!

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Happy making!


Thanks, I look forward to seeing what it is

Ironically enough, I think this thread might be posted on the Facebook groups too because I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in knowing that this contest was going on

Hello Everyone!

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes :).

Made for a friend, he want’s to give to his grand father as a birthday gift who’s a James Bond fan.

File is free from sandyeggo’s website.
Open the files using Vtric software.
Using Longmill Vbit at 80 ipm and 20 ipm plunged. Depth of cut is set to .469 to achieve high detail.
Set the round boundary and cut using LM 1/4 endmill upcut to cut through.

Use Gsender to open the file first using vbit, then change endmill upcut to cut through.
Material used is 1/4 inch MDF.

Apply gold paint (in can) and seal with acrylic clear gloss.

Came out great and my friends grand pa love’s it.


Looks amazing to me! Beautifully done, kudos to you!



Nice Job!! Love all the detail in this:)
I’ve never tried machining MDF before but might have to give it a whirl now that I have my new dust collection setup, (I hear it’s pretty dusty!!)

I also have a project to share for this weeks “Decorative” contest and instead of making a new post in “Community Discussion” , I will post it here.

This is a project I made near the beginning of Covid and a few months after getting my Longmill.

The artwork that was etched into the black plexiglass was posted by a lady on Instagram who happens to live in the same City as me. She’s an artist and makes and sells colouring books for children, (and adults I suppose), along with paintings etc.
She was offering these colouring book pages for free to download off of her website to help parents entertain their kids when schools were closed and children were forced to stay home.

I was really struck by this act of kindness and wanted to make something for her to show my appreciation for her heartwarming offer.

I used a drag bit to score the plexiglass with my Longmill after importing her artwork into my Vectric software, (Aspire), and vectorizing it using the “trace” function.

I considered making a frame for it but decided to create a stand for the plexi sheet using a cut off from a fir fencepost I had on hand. To “fancy it up” a bit, I drilled some holes into the perimeter of the fir “puck” and inserted various coloured pencil crayons into the holes. A stubby pencil crayon was also glued to the top of the stand. I figured the pencil crayons would go with the “colouring book” theme of the piece.
After the perimeter pencil crayons were glued in place, I noticed that the wood in the crayons closely matched the wood in the stand. I carefully added stain to the crayon wood to make them stand out more.

I contacted the artist Abby through Instagram and told her I had made her something and would like to mail it to her or meet her so I could give it to her. I tried not to sound like a stalker, (I kind of felt like one), as I realized this was kind of a strange request having some internet stranger trying to get her address or wanting to meet up with her!!

She was very “chill” and gave me her address so I could drop it off, (I’m sure after doing a quick google search on me to see if I was a crazy person…lol).

She loved the piece and said she was going to set it up in her art room at home:)

I don’t think I can post more than one picture as I’m a new(ish) member here at the forum so here’s a link to a few more pictures of the build, (the first pic in the album is a video if you click on it).


Thanks :blush: Yes super dusty im also using this DIY air cleaner to help with the dust.

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Rather ingenious. I like your design:)
Having 4 filters would allow for more airflow/collect more dust.

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