Setting XY0 in the lower right corner of the material

Users are trying to use the touch plate to set XY0 in the lower right hand corner of their material. According to your gSender page, this should be possible. The page says: “Probing in any direction plus safe continuity detection ensures no broken cutting tools”

I can’t see how this is possible since the code for the probe module seems to assume that the plate is in the lower left corner of the material. The bit moves left in X, then right until it touches, then left again and right to move to the Y determination position, then back until it touches, and so on. I see no way to change that except to edit the code.

However, since your page seems to say otherwise, can you please tell me what I am missing?

If I am not missing anything, and if this is not possible, I am suggesting this option for a future release of gSender.

Thank you.


There are times when this would be useful.

@saskia I’ve done it with a macro that works fine. However, it does not verify that I have attached the magnet and that the touch plate circuit is good - as the gSender module does. So, carelessness or a bad wire leads to broken bits. :grinning:

@gwilki perhaps the wording I used on the page made it muddy what the features were. I was just trying to say that whichever probing operation you select in gSender (whether it’s XYZ, Z, XY, X, or Y) the continuity test ensures no broken bits.

As far as probing on other corners it’s a feature that we’re working at for the future but isn’t yet complete. The plate in it’s current form is just on the front-left, plus as you mentioned can leverage a macro if you want to run it on other corners but it’s not as ideal. You can also probe in Z on other corners and then zero X and Y by eye. Still, not yet ideal

@chrismakesstuff Tks, Chris. I’ll close this thread, knowing that you guys are looking at it. This was never an issue for me, as I have never wanted to zero on any corner other than the front left. I also zero on the centre. I only started this thread because I saw others asking about it.

As you say, a simple macro will allow this and for any one needing this feature, the macro will work until gS has a better solution.