Setup and project Alignment - Dummie Question

Hey Guys/Gals,

Looking for some help. Finally getting to try out my LM a little further.

Stock wood dimensions - 16"x5.75"
Software - Carbide Create
GCode Sender - UGS

I’m attempting to do a (2) bit project. 60deg V-Bit and .125 End Ball.
My drawing is a simple 2 line text (upper vbit / lower .125) like below:
“Blah blah blah
In Carbide Create I typically set home to center of stock for my projects.

When I save my individual gcode files how do I keep the text alignment in
orientation to the stock piece?

Hope you understand what I’m getting at. I thought if I created a rectangle the
same size as my stock material the text would keep orientation as drawn but
that did not work.

I’m sure it’s something simple. Ah ha type moment.

Help Please.


@Lumpy Kris: I don’t use carbide create, but may be able to help. It’s just that I don’t understand your issue. You have two lines of text. Do you want them both centre justified left to right and centre justified top to bottom? Or, do you them both left justified as in your example?

Is that what you mean by “orientation”?


I think i got it figured out. UGS was messing with me. It looked like it was centering everything when in fact it was keeping orientation but not showing me my work area as a whole… All good!

Wife is happy and excited for my investment. whoo!