Shop organization

I have been attempting to organize our small shop into the best it can be, re did the longmill wheels, added a cooler pad under the laptop so i can close the drawer, moved my jointer so i have better acces to clamps,

Our shop is 10 X 16, have the cnc, bandsaw, jointer, drum sander, spindle sander, planner, mitre saw, drill press & vise on a single drawer vs a double wide tool cart, most aux tools are on flip carts.

New goal is better dust control, better discipline for hearing, only God knows what i have lost hearing wise.

My Longmill has a new Track spoil board, adjustable fences both X & Y. Lot’s of new clamping options so this year should be the best!

I have cleaned and vac’d everything for our new year of wood & crafts, doesn’t get much better than that!

Wish all of my friends on this special forum the best for the new years!



Well done Bill. The truth is no matter how big your shop is it never seems big enough. The next best thing is organized and clean!

@MikeH you are so right , it’s more than space, workflow dictates which machines are used, that even changes by project requirements.

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