Shop Temp and loosing x,y,z zeros

So my shop is about 92f at the moment. Using a laptop with my Longmill. Finished 1st. toolpath file, then the Longmill wouldn’t jog. Disconnect and reconnect with mouse and USB and jogs a little then stops, like a mule that won’t move.

I’m thinking heat, either the lap or perhaps the Sienci Controller? Anyone want to chime in they’ve had similar problems in a hot shop?

Hey Scot,

I had simular problems. Not so much with a hot shop but with a cold one. I have blamed it on a wide range of factors like humidity, temp, my long ass cable between pc and machine, demons, lightburn being a shit programm (my problems mostly accured during laser burns.), pc going to sleep, pc, longboard, static, and my stupid brain.

It turned out to be the USB A-B connector that came with the machine did not always have good connection. Took me a year and some to figure out that was my problem.

So turns out, blaming my brain being stupid was the answer.

I got me a gold plated double ferriet filtered extra shielded bank cracking usb cable and never have looked back since.

I als got a second one for when I encounter stalls again. It will be the first thing I will look at. I have a stupid brain, not a dumb one.

-Shakes fist at a cloud-


I added a powered USB hub to my setup. The computer is in a different room (just the other side of a wall) from my 30x30. A short USB cable from the computer through the wall to the powered USB Hub then to the 30x30. It also gave me the option to plug in a wireless mouse and number pad from there as well. Not a single connection problem since I added that.

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Temp in my shop was 78 degrees this morning. Completed one project, machine stayed connected. Halfway though second project it stalled. I attempted disconnect/connect with cursor in gSender as always, no moment. Only when I disconnect/connect my USB at the laptop does will the movement arrow function again. All my zeros are lost when it disconnects. The USB port on the Controller is solid. I read somewhere that the Arduino boards have or are coming loose?

Fired off and email to Support just now. I do like what the mill has done for my woodworking but its now costing me material loss not to mention the anticipation/stress of it failing.

Can you share a link to the gold plated expensive USB cord you purchased?

Hey Scot,

I too thought my usb was solid, untill I did not.

But you can have legio reasons for disconnects. USB bad does not have to be bad connection.
It can be static comming from the stepper motors or from the shop vac or who knows. Ferite can help to lessen this static noise to a point it does not matter. A shielded cable will reduce this further.

It’s not a cure all but it can reduce it to tolorable levels.

Grounding the machine might help too.

Yes the arduino can come lose and heating up connections/electronics can cause some weird things happening. Untill you figure out what the problem is, it’s check off time.

Does connecting the usb cable to another connector change things?
Does routing the usb cable away from the longmill change things?
Does replacing the usb cable help?
Does grouding the machine help.
Do the disconnects happen when the vac is not used?

Etc etc.

I got the cable from a dutch site, no idea if they ship overseas but this type isnt verry special and freely optainable anywhere.