Silly question, but how loud is the longmill?

I’m very interested in making a Longmill purchase, but have a concern about how much noise will be created, I understand that it varies based on how aggressively the machine is cutting, but if I have the Longmill installed in my garage, will the neighbors get an earful? What if I have it set out on the patio, is it going to be broadcasting to everyone in earshot?

I suppose I’m looking for comparison noises, what other tools, gadgets can you think of that make the same noise volume as a Longmill?

Huge thanks for your responses.


The router is the noisiest part of the machine. (Actually, in my case, the dust collector is.) If you have a router right now, run it where you plan to run the Mill. That will tell you what you need to know.

I agree with Grant but I would add a dust collector or large vacuum to the mix.

@Heyward43 I agree, H. In my basement shop, the noisiest thing running when the Mill is on is my dust collector. My shop vac is worse, but I don’t use it with the Mill.

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This is exactly what I was looking for, I dont currently have a router ,so I dont know how noisy that is, but a shop vac for comparison, being louder tells me exactly what I needed to know. Thanks a lot!

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I built a 18inch high case like the one on the Youtube channel, cut the noise of the machine/router down considerably. I don’t run the ShopVac till I am done a carve now.