Simple probe question

I am new to gSender and have had some issues. One is with probing.

I see in the documentation, the following:


The probe allows us to automatically set a zero position, usually at the bottom left corner of the stock material, using a touch plate. Before we can run the touch probe for the first time, we need to check that the probe settings are correct and that the end mill sizes in the “Tools”
section match what you have. You can add different end mills by entering the diameter in millimetres or inches, and then pressing “Add Tool”.

Do you need to delete the listed probes that are not being used? If no, how does the probe know which one to use?

No, it’s fine to leave all the tools. You tell gsender which probe your using.

How? I didn’t see that option. If you can tell me, I would appreciate it. I only use 1/4 and 1/8 End Mills right now.

in the probe pull down menu, select XYZ and the pull down menu for the different dia of tools.

Okay I will try it. I am not at my CNC right now and I do use a Raspberry Pi. I have gSender on my PC to look at it but it is not connected to anything. However, on the 6.9 version that I am looking at, I see a z probe drop down but not one for the tools. Does it show up after you select the probe you want, e.g. z, x, y, all?

yes it does under menu XYZ

Okay, I will try it later today. I have had gSender run fine on one run and then not on a repeat run. I understand it is still a beta. Just hate wasting wood.

You’re correct. I didn’t see it before.

There’s a finite art in precision repeatability. Keep smiling :blush:

Thank you. Another question then. Do you need to reload the program each time or can the re-run work. When I tried to repeat it, it didn’t start in the same spot and even ran off the board before I could hit the oops button.

@Psal217050 You can rerun the program, but remember that, if you are re-running it because of a failure of some kind, it’s likely that your XYZ0 will need to be reset. If you don’t do that, you will have the problem that you are describing.

I usually use 2 bits, first an EM, zero it, then when done, switch to a v but (z zero it only since x and y are at zero. Second item, since x, y and z are all zero, I run that part first and switch to EM. I am mostly doing flags up to 13x24 and EM shoes the stripes and v does the stars. Thanks for your help.

@Psal217050 I am not sure, Pete, if Wayne (Megistus) and I have addressed your two issues or not. Wayne addressed your question about choosing a bit for probing. But, are you all set on the issue of gSender not starting in the same spot when you need to re-start a failed program?

I understand your process for your flags and it is the way that I would approach it, for what that’s worth.

The issue of probing is resolved. I still have a few issues with gSender. I can start a thread on them or search to see if someone else has it and it was solved. Thank you.

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I always reset Z between boards.