SLB Stuck guess

AS a up date to a problem with gsender , I think it may be with SLB instead. I went back to original Longmill board to get machine to work again.

The SLB was stuck with alarm 12 every time tried to run it, changed computers, unhooked limit switches, reset to original settings, got advice from guys on forum, nothing would work so I took it off

@dmhouston I’ve moved your topic to the SuperLongBoard category, David. The SLB team at Sienci will likely key in on it here.

Hi David,

Was your SLB ever working to being with? I’d advise reflashing it since it’s possible something was changed on your end. Alarm 12 has to do with a limit switch being on or off when it’s not supposed to, so if you accidentally set them up the wrong way then it would cause the machine to be locked up until the problem is fixed

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Are you sure 100% that you have the new E-Stop button released all the way?

I had an alarm with my SLB installation and till I figured out how the new E-Stop operated my machine was frozen

It worked in the beginning , it would home and everything, then one day it had alarm 10 I canceled that it went into 12 , wouldn’t cancel. I shut down recycled it would not get past alarm 12, turned it off, unplugged all limit switches and turned off all soft and hard limits and homing . it still locked up on alarm 12


you can find the instructions here: SLB Manual - SuperLongBoard CNC

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